there are very many definitions out there. Here is how we see an entrepreneur.  An entrepreneur is a decisive individual committed to his or her professional business development and determined to propel their new enterprise or to enhance their current role with an established organization. We may be right or wrong but this is the kind of an entrepreneur we are looking to connect and work with.


It’s like the Chamber of Commerce but covering a more broad scope currently supporting business growth in USA, Canada and Jamaica. It’s an organized membership based business referral program where members support and motivate each other to grow their businesses. We offer more than the Chamber though. We offer actual services to businesses like printing, graphic design, websites, Google listing and helping businesses to be top on Google ranking as well as social media marketing. They also host business networking events in different cities.

Many business owners find themselves searching for services and sometimes they do not get the right service providers or they end up with very expensive services Many businesses have little knowledge of how to monetize online platforms to grow their businesses.

Why T.E.N ( The Entrepreneur Nation) Concept?

We believe in the win-win situation. We believe in the give and take business growth strategy. We believe in supporting each other through business referral. Referral and business promotions are our cornerstone.

THE AIRPLANE TIRES DON’T EXPLODE ON LANDING BECAUSE THEY ARE PUMPED! Are you pumped to grow your business? How much weight can you carry to do what it takes to get that business off the ground?

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Small business owners Worldwide have no idea how to get Mobile Apps for their businesses. Big businesses with huge budgets can afford to hire Mobile App Developers but small business owners cannot and yet we all need this mobile technology to grow our businesses. We will make sure that a small pizza shop in your neighborhood, a small salon, a small barber shop, a small neighborhood pharmacy, a small Law Firm, a small Dental Office has a Mobile App that their clients can use to book appointments or to purchase products. This is exciting. This is why we need all of you to work with us to create awareness. You can participate by letting small business owners know where they can find services. We will allow them to pay small monthly installments instead of paying one big chunk which they may not have. We are small business owners and we know where the shoe hurts most. We will make it affordable for those who see the value . 

Many Network Marketers as well as Licensed Professionals need our services. From URL re-direct to Printing to Graphic Design to Social Media to event management and guest invitation.

THE SOLUTION STRATEGY? Bring together a team of business owners who need the services Put together a team of trusted service providers to offer the services Build a one-stop-shop referral Network Allow payment for some services in small monthly installments. This is how the membership comes about. If you can pay for the services that we offer in full, you do not need to have any monthly installments.

BUSINESS REFERRAL IS OUR DRIVING FORCE You’re the other Member’s representative out there. If you hear a business that needs a service offered by one of our members, reach out. We shall have a reporting structure for referral through T.E.N Workplace App.

The Website  is the The Entrepreneur  Hub

Traditional Marketing

Mobile App The App is accessible via Google Play to help Members with Mobile accessibility experience.

T.E.N Social Media Community

We have T.E.N Groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Twitter. Members are free to join any general groups but we shall have restricted groups for paid up members only. Massive Member training and coaching will be carried out in the Member only private groups. Feel free to join this group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/theentrepreneurnation/